Criminal Defense

Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation

If you are facing any level of criminal charges, you have many important choices to make. The first — and likely most important — decision you must make is who you want to stand between you and the power of the government. The Hartford criminal defense attorneys at Schulman & Associates are skilled courtroom lawyers who work tirelessly to safeguard the rights of our clients.
Put More Than 50 Years Of Trial-Proven Experience In Your Corner

For more than 50 years, attorney Sydney T. Schulman has vigorously fought to obtain the best possible results for clients in local courts. Attorney Schulman has represented clients in major criminal matters, such as murder, kidnapping, assault, manslaughter, robbery and others.

Our talented lawyers do the hard work that is necessary to prepare for trial to achieve real results. You deserve to have a lawyer in your corner who cares about your future.

We evaluate every detail to find the flaws and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to challenge the evidence and present a solid defense. We explore every avenue to get charges dismissed, secure a not guilty verdict at trial or obtain a favorable plea agreement to minimize the damages of a criminal case. Moreover, communication with our clients is a hallmark of our law firm. We will not give you false promises to gain your trust. We will explain your options and the potential consequences to allow you to make confident decisions concerning your defense.

Our comprehensive criminal defense services include trial proven representation across the spectrum of offenses, including but not limited to:

  • Drug crimes: A conviction for a drug offense can have significant short- and long-term consequences. The potential for jail or prison time, heavy fines and probation are self-evident. Having a criminal record can have an adverse impact on future job, academic, housing and military opportunities for years to come. Let us stand between you and the power of the government in defending your future.
  • DUI charges: Drunk driving charges are more than a glorified traffic ticket. Connecticut is extremely strict when it comes to driving under the influence allegations. Your driving privileges, liberty and much more are at stake following a DUI arrest. It is critical for you to fully understand your rights. We are tenacious in defending against DUI charges.
  • Traffic offenses: There are a wide range of potential penalties for traffic offenses. Paying the fine on a speeding ticket is essentially entering a guilty plea. Your insurance rates could skyrocket. For professional drivers, your CDL is at stake. We vigorously defend clients accused of all types of motor vehicle offenses.

Get Started On A Strong Defense With One Phone Call

Do not take chances with your future. If you are accused of any level of offense in the Hartford area, turn to our experience and knowledge of criminal law to protect your rights. One phone call is all it takes to get started on building a strong defense. The initial consultation is free. To arrange a meeting with an accomplished trial lawyer, call 860-522-2960 or send us an email now.