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Large corporations often have a legal department to handle issues as they arise during the course of business. Small and mid-sized companies rarely have a full-time attorney in the corner office. Schulman & Associates serves businesses throughout Connecticut with cost-effective and high-quality legal representation throughout the life cycle of the business. Whether you need prompt legal advice and representation to solve a specific legal problem, or have ongoing questions, we are in your corner.

Our Hartford business law attorney has more than 50 years of local legal experience. We serve entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and businesses of all sizes with prompt, decisive action and forward-thinking legal solutions to effectively manage legal issues and difficulties.

Our comprehensive business and commercial law services include:

  • Business formation: Forming a new business or nonprofit requires attention to the legal details to get started in the proper direction. Our business law practice is founded on our desire to see companies and nonprofits succeed.
  • Ongoing legal counsel and business representation: Most businesses do not have the luxury of a legal department. We build long-term relationships with ventures of all sizes. With a thorough understanding of your business and its history, we provide strategic, consistent and cost-effective general counsel and business representation to help you maintain stability in growing your business.
  • Managing risk: Risk management is critical to the success of a business. Our experience with business law, our strong command of contract law, and our knowledge of the compliance and regulatory rules under Connecticut and federal law allow us to proactively advise clients to manage legal risk.
  • Business litigation: Nearly every company will face a legal dispute during the course of business. Our trial lawyers have the drive to prepare a position of strength, while seeking to resolve conflicts as efficiently and effectively as possible to protect our clients’ bottom lines.
  • Management and merchandising consultations.

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